Aisling Farinella


Curated by myself on behalf of Irish Design 2015 and by Darragh Shanahan for Gallery of Photography, Resonate presented an Irish photographic perspective on fashion collections, textiles, locations, landscape, culture, models and climate. It showcased inspirational images from talented Irish photographers working both locally and internationally in the area of fashion. 

Linda Brownlee
Neil Gavin
Andrew Nuding

The exhibition and programme of events provided a platform to acknowledge the creative strength and diversity of Irish talent, encouraging interest from a wider audience in the evolving medium of fashion photography.

This exhibition presented the work of 23 of the leading names in Irish fashion photography: Mike Bunn, Neil Gavin, Alen MacWeeney, Rich Gilligan, Niall O’ Brien, Linda Brownlee, Leonn Ward, Garreth McConnell, Boo Gorge, Ross McDonnell, Nick & Chloe, Perry Ogden, Barry McCall, Andrew Nuding, Sean Jackson, Sarah Doyle, Peter Rowan, Liam Murphy, Conor Clinch, Lee Malone, Eilish McCormick, Josh Gordon, Sean & Yvette and Johnny McMillan.

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