Aisling Farinella

As a fashion director, I design concepts for commercial clients, publications, stores and designers. I work with clients to create shoots, shows, events and other fashion projects, connecting business and creative objectives with new customers and contemporary audiences.

The nature of my work will differ depending on the specifics of a project, but it typically includes creative strategy, production, styling, casting, and project management. I generally work on projects from conception to activation, ensuring that all the elements are in place and all the objectives are met.

I am the Editor and a Creative Director of Thread, an annually published print magazine which considers fashion as a design culture and a community, and places Irish talent in the industry within an international context.

I also work as a fashion consultant. In 2015 I took on the role of Fashion and Textiles Advisor for the Irish Design 2015 campaign, producing two large-scale events at London Fashion Week, including Ireland’s inaugural entry into the International Fashion Showcase, and a presentation for Irish designers at the Institute of Contemporary Art. On an ongoing basis, I advise Kildare Village as part of the Value Retail Group, on an educational programme that nurtures emerging Irish talent.

I love my job and I invest in every project fully. I’m constantly challenged and excited by what I do and I’m fortunate to work with creative and visionary collaborators who trust my ability and believe in my ideas.