Aisling Farinella


Thread is an annual print publication that considers fashion as a design, examining the creative processes and cultural community driving the industry. It is distributed to a network of international stockists and is free of charge.

Launched in Dublin in 2011, Thread is a collaboration between myself as Editor, Keith Nally as Creative Director and Garrett Pitcher as Commercial Director. Thread showcases Irish and independent creatives working in a global industry, providing a platform to showcase raw and emerging talent side-by-side with acclaimed international names.

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As Editor, I commission and edit all the written copy and imagery produced for each edition, and collaborate on creative direction which reflects the magazine’s signature aesthetic. For each edition, we commission in-depth interviews and original photography creating a publication with a strong visual identity and important voice.

Thread is a non–commercial project driven by a passionate community of contributors who value this unique publication.

Boo George
Liam Murphy
Portrait Rich Gilligan
Philip White
Johnny Savage
Perry Ogden
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